Employee Spotlight: Ben Muth

The Ranger Group believes in hiring the best and the brightest in order to promote from within the company. Ben Muth is one of those employees and we are excited to highlight him in this month’s blog. Ben was promoted from Recruiter to the Account Manager for the Technology division and manages a team of recruiters.

How long have you been in the DFW area and where are you originally from?

I moved to Dallas 4.5 years ago. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.

What college did you graduate from?


Why did you join Ranger Group?

I knew I wanted to stay in sales, but I didn’t have a preference for what industry I was going to be in. I wasn’t really familiar with the staffing industry, but I had gone on an interview for another firm and it seemed like an industry I could succeed in. The other firm was pretty mature as company and it didn’t seem like the opportunity for real growth was there. When Ranger called me, I liked that there was a chance to not only help grow something, but to be a driving force in that growth and to be rewarded for it.

What is one of your most memorable moments as a Recruiter with Ranger?

I was working on a one off position in a small town in the middle of the nowhere, in a field we don’t typically staff. There wasn’t a lot of available talent that could do the job we needed, so I made a list of the few people in the area that could probably do the job and reached out to them every way imaginable (phone, text, email, Linkedin, Facebook, etc) over the course of 2 to 3 weeks. I found two guys who were interested in interviewing and one of them got the job and he is still working out there. That or my first start – you always remember your first.

What has been your favorite part of being an Account Manager?

My team. I love getting a chance to work with them towards a common goal every day. They motivate me to get better at my job and push me harder when I feel exhausted.

What are you professional goals at Ranger?

Put people to work, win contests, open offices, and make a lot of money doing it.

What motivates you?

Competition. Outcompeting other staffing firms for business and the best candidates. Outcompeting other account managers within Ranger to have the most successful team (in terms of spread and promotions) in the office. I want to be more successful than friends and family members in other industries too.

How do you motivate your Recruiters?

First, I try to not to let them outwork me. It’s tough because I have a team of grinders, but I try to lead by example. Then just little things. Be complimentary, reward them with free lunches or ice cream, and remind them that their pay goes up the more people they put to work. It’s not rocket science and we do a good job of hiring motivated people. If you aren’t self-motivated this probably isn’t the best job for you.

How would your Recruiters describe your management style?

Oh gosh, you’d have to ask them, haha. But I think they’d describe me as available. I hope they’d say they know I’m in their corner 100%. They’d probably say I’m demanding about certain things, but fairly laid back overall.

What do you like to do for fun?

I’m pretty low key these days. I like to watch sports (college football in particular), go to sporting events (the Frisco Roughriders in particular), read (non-fiction), and binge watch TV. I’m thinking about picking up a more extreme hobby like hang gliding or rock climbing just so I have a more interesting answer to these types of questions.

Words of wisdom for Recruiters about to get promoted into sales at Ranger:

Don’t wait for someone to tell you you’re ready or there is a job available. Go out there and take a promotion. At this point in the company we need sales people and if you are assertive and show that you’re ready, willing, and able you can be selling by the next month. It’s your career, don’t sit around waiting and hoping someone else moves it along for you. Drag yourself to the level you want to be at and force others to accept it.