Employee Spotlight: Colt Bertrand

The Ranger Group continues to grow and wants to recognize another one of our newest team members in Arizona! We are devoting this week to Colt Bertrand. Colt is recruiting for our Phoenix AEC Division. Welcome to the team, Colt!

Where are you from?

Brownwood, Texas

What college did you attend/what did you major in and why?

Texas Tech University – Majored in Business Administration. I knew that this degree would not force me into one certain job or career path, and give me multiple options upon graduating, as well as the rest of my life.

What hobbies or interests do you have?

I’m a huge fan of sports – mostly football, but also golf, basketball, baseball, almost anything competitive.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

I like to play golf, go to the lake, and snowboard – which I am excited to start doing more of here in Arizona, Utah and Colorado. I also watch tons of sports and play with my dog, Prescott.

Fun fact about yourself (guilty pleasure, irrational fear, something unique)?

I spent 2 years working for the Texas Tech Football team as a student manager, alongside Kliff Kingsbury and Patrick Mahomes.

Favorite sports team?

Unfortunately, I am a Cowboys and Texas Tech Red Raider fan at heart… but am a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan these days as well.