Employee Spotlight: Jack Booth

The Ranger Group wants to recognize another one of our newest team members! We are devoting this week to Jack Booth. Jack was hired at the beginning of December and is recruiting for our AEC Division. Welcome to the team, Jack!

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. This is my first time living outside of the State of MS.

What college did you attend/what did you major in and why?

I attended Mississippi State university #HailState. I have a Marketing degree. The reason why I chose Marketing is that I saw this as a way to make myself versatile and needed in any industry. I viewed this as the fun side of Business and enjoyed all of my time at MSU.

What hobbies or interests do you have?

I love to work out and play basketball. When I am not hooping or getting my grind on, I like to play video games with my friends. The majority of my time is spent hanging out with my Girlfriend doing whatever it is she has planned for us. Since I am so new to Dallas, I have enjoyed exploring all of the new restaurants and bars! I also love to Cook. I prepare food for myself and my girlfriend every night.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

I enjoy having drinks with friends. I play basketball on the weekends. My ideal weekend would be sleeping in on Saturday morning till 10 am, going to play B-Ball for a few hours, going out to lunch with my lady, drinking some beer at a brewery, and having a nice dinner with a group of friends.

Favorite sports team?

I am a New Orleans Saints Fan through and through professionally. I only like the Cowboys when Dak Prescott is playing. I like to watch the NBA and MLB as well, but more so during the Playoffs. Collegiately I am a Mississippi State Fan. I bleed Maroon and White.

Fun fact about yourself (guilty pleasure, irrational fear, something unique)?

Guilty Pleasure= Eating sounds funny or simple but I can eat an abnormal amount of food.

Irrational fear= Heights for sure, Going Viral on the internet in a bad light, wrecking my car,

Unique= I love to thrift T-shirts and repurpose them by Tie Dying them or Bleaching them. I started a side hustle before the Pandemic hit and have made some decent money selling to friends, Family, and others on Social media. I would love to open a store one day in the future.