Promotion Announcement: Matthew Rice Promoted to President of The Ranger Group

Matthew Rice has been with The Ranger Group for seven years, helped grow the Engineering Division, and launched Ranger’s Manufacturing and Industrial Division in 2017 so it was no surprise for him to be promoted to President of The Ranger Group at the beginning of 2019. Matthew’s success at Ranger stems from the success he had as a collegiate football coach and his entrepreneurial attitude.

Matthew was born in McFarland, WI and went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He was recruited by UWW where he played football for 5 years. Matthew was looking to become a Division 1 strength coach and felt that their Physical Education, Human Performance, and Recreation program at UWW and his athletic success would position him to be a great candidate in the future. He was a four year letterman, three year starter, and was a member of two conference championship winning teams.

After graduation, Matthew coached high school offensive and defensive line for one year at McFarland High School. During that time, Matthew was able to develop a young team, avenge their only two losses in the playoffs, and advanced to regionals. Matthew then relocated to South Dakota to become an Assistant Coach at Northern State University for the 2003 & 2004 seasons. In 2004, NSU earned its first bowl bid playing Washburn University in the Mineral City Bowl. During his time at NSU, Matthew pursued in Masters Degree in Physical Education. Once the 2004 season was wrapped up at NSU, Matthew went back to Wisconsin and accepted a position as an Assistant Coach and Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for the 2005-2007 seasons. While at UWEC, the team earned an invitation to the Division 3 NCAA playoffs and advanced to the second round. Following his position at UWEC, Matthew found himself at the University of Arizona for the 2008-2010 seasons working with the offensive tackles and tight ends. During his time in Arizona, they made their first bowl game appearance in over 10 years in 2008 and defeated BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl, earned a bid for the 2009 Holiday Bowl, and in 2010 earned a bid to the Alamo Bowl.

After Matthew’s 2010 season at Arizona, he chose to exit coaching and move to Texas to be with his wife Whitney. Matthew founded “Melissa Fit Camp”, which was a boot camp and personal training business. After two years of working 15.5 hour days, Matthew realized he was at a crossroads with his business and he decided to explore sales opportunities. He was approached by several large staffing companies, but didn’t understand the industry at the time. The larger companies could only provide a recruiting role for a couple of years before transitioning him to sales, but Matthew wanted to get into a sales career or get involved in a business that he could help at the ground level.


Why did you join Ranger seven years ago?

“In February 2012,  Beau Bishop contacted me and we had a brief conversation on the phone.  At first I tried to blow off the interview, but Beau was able to convince me to listen to him.  As I learned more about the position during that phone call I became more interested. Ranger at the time was a start-up and I was going to have an opportunity to work directly with the co-founders.  When I met with Matt & Beau I was really impressed with them as individuals and their passion in growing Ranger. I love the opportunity to build things whether it be people, teams, or businesses. I knew that Ranger would be a great fit as it aligned with my growth mindset and professional aspirations.”


What is your best memory with Ranger so far?

I have two.  The first is the time we spent initially in an Executive Suite in Allen when I started at Ranger.  At the time, we were in true start-up mode. Every placement and new client was a huge win for us. We grew from 4 people in one office to 10 people across 4 offices before we started planning our first move to Frisco and our own office space.  We had a great crew during that time and all of us had big dreams for Ranger.


The second “best” memory was starting our Manufacturing and Industrial Division in 2017.  I had no experience selling the division and my recruiters had no experience recruiting it, but we had a great team that was committed to helping the Division launch.  I have witnessed two of the original three Recruiters in the M&I Division go on to become Account Managers within the Division. I am very proud of their success and their commitment to developing future leaders within the organization.
What has been your biggest challenge since joining Ranger?

Everything has been a challenge.  There are no “easy” days in staffing.  The people who embrace the challenges are the ones destined for success in our organization.

What is your vision for The Ranger Group?

To become the best staffing company in the world and provide real growth opportunity for the people who decide to join our organization.  I don’t know why you’d work for any company if the company’s goal wasn’t to be the best at what they do. Additionally, I believe we have an organizational duty to insure the development and advancement of our people.  We are promising opportunity to our new hires at Ranger and it is our obligation to insure that opportunity can be met.”
Congratulations on your promotion Matthew Rice and we are excited to see everything you are going to accomplish!